Privacy policy

Visitors to our website are ensured by the agency of their full privacy and safety as the website is guarded with the latest and defending technological tools that give complete confidentiality to each of the clients. The users of the internet and websites, however, are vulnerable to being traced and tracked. Komal Mahajan escort service guards the information of its clients without access to any other than its core managing team who is highly professional and trustworthy.

Some information comes to us through the client himself while few through our website. The information is kept and used by us in the best of faith to enrich the user experience and escort experience to our clients. Check out the details that we procure through distinct channels and how we safeguard it underneath-

List of Data with us General information about clients -

We pucker the general information about our clients when they come to us for booking.

  • It is our decorum as providing services without knowing the person on the other side is challenging. Name, origin, location, and contact information gets registered in our protected system whose access is impossible for anyone on your team.
  • Age – The age of the individual contacting us is important since our services are restrained for minors, i.e. below 18 years.
  • IP address and other website usage details - When anyone browses our website, we end up getting an IP address and other browsing details. It is important for us to now the the efficiency of our website and the level of engagement of our clients.

Where details of our client is being stored?

We do not store information on our clients in ledgers, diaries, phones, and laptops since we know they are exposed to theft and cybercrimes. We store your details on secured servers with restricted access. It doesn’t let your data get leaked in any way.

Our fictitious and Cerebral property

  • Every content, image, video, title, etc belongs to us and the agency make take action against its unauthorized use by anyone.
  • Copy or imitation of any of the content on the website is prohibited since we hold copy right to the content on the website.
  • We hold ownership, copy rights, and legal intellectual right for our property on the website. The usage must be authorized by the agency in a written agreement.

Komal Mahajan escort service is bound to safeguard your personal information and provide you profoundly secured escort experience.