Terms and conditions

Sakshi Mahajan escort service believes that all individuals taking the tour of our website and shuffling its pages hold themselves to abide by the terms and conditions of the agency. It is therefore suggested to have a deep go-through of the terms and conditions to minimize the possibilities of discomfort to you.

We clasp no responsibility for emotional, mental, or monetary damage to the users from the content on the website. Take an insight into the terms and conditions laid down by the agency on the website that each one of you browsing our website gets abide by from the moment you click it.

Terms and Conditions About Booking

Every individual must be versed with the terms and conditions of booking to avoid hassles -

  • We accept booking requests through mobile numbers. Those situated nearby or who do not want communication via phone can make a personal visit to the agency for booking.
  • Instant booking must entail at least one hour between the booking time and the meeting point.
  • The agency appreciates booking days and hours before.

Cancellation policy

Komal Mahajan escort service laid down the following terms and conditions regarding cancellation policies-

  • If for some reason you couldn’t make it to the meeting point or have to cancel the meeting with the independent escorts, the agency would refund the due amount left after deducting the government charges and reservation fees.
  • A refund would be initiated in two working days.
  • In other cases where a booking is with our other escorts, the agency refuses to refund any amount in the case of cancellation.

Terms concerning payment

  • Komal Mahajan escort service has a stringent term for advance payment which could be done partially or fully at the time of booking.
  • The client is supposed to make full payment before the beginning of the meeting.
  • Payment may be done through cash, UPI transactions, e-wallets, bank transfers, and debit or credit card payments.
  • Kindly do not pay a third person claiming to be associated with us other than our escorts or team at our front desk.

Our Privacy policy

Komal Mahajan escort service confirms safety to your name, your money, and your information with the robust and sturdy technological shield that doesn’t let breach in privacy of the client in any way.

Terms for conduct during the meetings-

Every individual browsing the site and availing of our service must be versed with our terms and conditions and is certain to follow them. Agency lays down certain prohibited acts that must not be carried on by clients or users of the site. The agency maintains to take action against those found guilty of not following the terms and conditions by Komal Mahajan.

  • We do not serve and entertain individuals below 18 years.
  • Use of drugs or forced consumption of drugs by our escort isn’t tolerable and the agency makes take legal action against the client.
  • Do not be loaded with a weapon like pistols, knives, etc. while meeting our escorts.
  • Stick to the terms and do not bring your friends or colleagues for fun with the escort until it is in terms.
  • The agency does not appreciate the hostile behavior of the client.
  • Do not capture pictures and videos of the escort or your meeting as it isn’t allowed by us.
  • We believe in your and our escort’s protection and thereby foster protected sex.